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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Increase Your Blog Traffic by up to 40% with The Blog Frog!

Hi Guys!

Something people often ask me is how they can boost their blog traffic, especially if they want to start earning money from their blog. I recently wrote a post about a few things you can do to get more visitors to your blog (that's HERE), but I would like to focus on one thing in particular today.

It's called The Blog Frog and it is probably the one single thing I've done that has increased my blog traffic exponentially...

"What if there was an easier way to grow your blog?"

The Blog Frog is a place where people can join social communities and meet other bloggers who have similar interests. When you join a community, and there are hundreds of different communities, your blog posts and twitters show up on their feeds and that is one way traffic is generated. Another way is to make comments in their community forums. This is not only a fun way to boost traffic, but I have made many dear internet friends via these communities and I have even used them as an effective way of sharing my religious beliefs. To me, that has been the most amazing part, but I like the traffic increase I've gotten to my blog as well! To see my social forum, just go near the top of my blog on the right and you will see my Blog Frog widget. I'd love it if you'd join the conversations there or start one of your own!

Right now, The Blog Frog is offering a premium membership to anyone who wants to get an even HIGHER traffic boost. This membership will expose your blog on hundreds of blogs in the blogosphere with at least 10,000 impressions a month. That is really something! It will also get your blog more attention when posting on social Blog Frog forums by showing a little tidbit under your blog's name telling readers what your blog is about.

To me, though, the biggest bonus about signing up for the premium package is that you will receive newsletters teaching how to have a better blog. This is the thing I'm most excited about! The Blog Frog editors will discuss blog layout, content and much more. Who doesn't want to know how to have a better blog?

You can get this premium package for $4.95, but if you sign up now, you will get the first 14 days FREE! Hope you love this as much as I have! Let me know how it goes~!



Dee said...

Heading there now.