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Monday, May 16, 2011

Orajel® Naturals Turned Baby Hippo's Frown Upside-Down!

When I heard about BlogHer’s Orajel® Naturals review opportunity, I was so excited. Baby Hippo had been teething continuously for over two months and our lives were miserable.

Nothing seemed to help. He’s not one to hold in his hand a refrigerated teething ring and chew on it, and I’m not one to give an oral pain medication several times a day, for weeks on end. We were at a loss as to what to do. He had been working on cutting his sixth tooth in only a few short weeks and almost constantly went about with this expression...


...or worse, this....


So the Orajel® Naturals tube came in the mail, and I started using it on what just so happened to be by far the worst night of his teething and can I just tell you….. WOW! Before I share with you the wonderful results I experienced with Orajel® Naturals, though, I'd like to share a couple of random thoughts I have about teething....

First, why was it necessary to God's plan that babies have so many random, unpleasant symptoms while growing teeth? Honestly, when it comes to the human body, I can understand why God did the things He did with it. They make sense to my minuscule mind. Teething symptoms don’t. In fact, in one post I did when I first started blogging I listed questions I would ask God when I saw him. This teething issue was one of the paramount questions on the list. Why so much pain? Why the runny noses? And most of all, why the fever? If anyone has any answers, I'm open.

Second, I’m always quite entertained when I explain to someone that my baby is growing teeth, then they proceed to place their finger in my baby's mouth to see. They promptly get bitten, hard, with that razor-sharp new growth, cry out in pain and rip their finger out in surprise and even exasperation, wondering what could have gone wrong, sometimes even glaring at me, as if I had something to do with it. I patiently explain to them that if they put their finger in a baby’s mouth with teeth, they should expect to be bitten. One of my all-time favorite youtube videos depicts just such an event. Take a look…

I can't ever get enough of Charlie and his brother!

Okay, now back to Orajel® Naturals. As I said, it was during one of the most difficult nights with Baby Hippo that I first used Orajel® Naturals. Immediately upon squeezing out a little dollop onto my finger I could smell the clove oil. Clove oil! Why had no company ever thought of this before? For centuries clove oil has been used as a numbing agent and mothers throughout the world have used it for teething pain. Honestly, I had thought of using it for Baby Hippo myself, but clove oil can be very potent and irritating, and I wasn’t sure how to dilute it. Having clove oil as the active ingredient already conveniently packaged by a company we all know and trust made it so simple to take advantage of one of nature’s most potent pain relievers. And it smells so good, like Thanksgiving!

When I applied the gel to Baby Hippo’s gums he proceeded to try to suck my finger off, he loved the taste so much. Once it started taking effect he started smacking his lips, I think because it felt strange to have parts of his mouth numb, but after a time, he quieted and I was finally able to get him to sleep and lay him peacefully in his crib.

So yeah, Orajel® Naturals is something I'm going to have on hand at all times for the rest of my life. Strange as it may seem, although I currently have a small baby to raise, and many other little children, I've also raised two grown children, whom I hope will begin to give me grandchildren within the next few years. Surely they will want my advice on what to do with a teething baby when they come to visit, as they'll seek my advice on a daily basis for myriad issues, I'm certain, and I will have on hand Orajel® Naturals to sooth their babies and I will become the favored grandma.

Okay, I know, I might be behaving somewhat melodramatically, but I really love this stuff and I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to review this product! I can rest assured that when Baby Hippo develops a cantankerous demeanor due to teething, Orajel® Naturals will help his frown turn upside down...


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Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Monday, January 17, 2011

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

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